Wednesday, 15 December 2010


After Joining Twitter, whereas Matt, Simon & Jake went off to find inspirational Artists, I being my smart and always thinking about my prospective future self, Came across a Man, who more inspirational than any artist, has proven that no matter who you are, you can make a difference. Even if it is in Lidl.

Here's to you Average Batman! I hope you Enjoy My Pixel art dedicated to making sure people know who will help them, and who will at least try up until the point it involves any effort.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Artsy Stuff + Twitter

So I recently thanks to Roy, Matt and Simon, Joined Twitter. Which is becoming a bit of an addiction, checking who's checking you out, and following people like Tom Delonge and Adam Lazzara, When I write E-mails now I feel compelled to put an @ sign infront of their name and it'll automatically link their blogs. Strange,... but Follow me at the link above!

Also above is a change to my Sprite Character I did as a quickly to put on my Twitter's background. Fun times. I thought I would try and keep with my Games Design approach to things.

I still hope to go into the Games Industry as my first plan of attack! Even starting to look at jobs as a Games Designer, thus I have started writing again and getting back into the swing of creativity. Even thinking I would have liked to have spent the third year developing an Indie Title. But I am pleased with what I have achieved thus far and intend to continue with my development as a producer and in my spare time work towards my Artsy side.


We're still working away in the studio, at least, Me, Roy, Simon and Matt are, Matt B. has also posted up more on his Rig, which is looking really good. Scott has also posted more on his rigging process and is keeping in touch with us when he can.

Environments are coming along, but we may have to drop the level of detail down a bit in order to accommodate for time. We will See.

We must say sorry to Steph Haymes, who is sharing the studio with us at the moment, as we are a slightly crazy bunch, and the holiday is much needed to try and regain some sanity. But please check her blog out at the link above, she keeps it regularly updated, and is working like a pack horse. Every time I look over there's another few frames of animation done, and it's really inspiring to see her work away. Massive Kudo's to her.

Friday, 10 December 2010

What Have I Achieved...

So, as it stands, I for myself as this term at University comes to a close would like to just go over what I've accomplished within these 2 and a bit months both work wise for University, and professionally.
  • I have Written and Re-Written the script 4 to 5 times, after criticism from Derek Hayes, and the team. Cutting down a 9 page Epic to 3 or 4 pages
  • I have lead the team, Scheduled, contacted and kept on top of everything going on within' the Team, allowing for Illness, Holidays and we are still on schedule.
  • Handled problems within' the team, between members including myself.
  • Compiled Design bibles for both occasions.
  • Pitched the Project on behalf of the team
  • Worked as part of the creative force behind the idea along with what I would call a team of writers, heading it up as the lead writer who physically scripted (Thus the project is in no way just my idea)
  • Furthered accessibility to the project by keeping the team's Blog.
  • I have brought together Other members for the team from a cross course range.
  • Promoted the project and myself to Companies like The Peoples Republic of Animation
  • Made attempts to contact professional's in the Games Industry in an attempt to set up my Mentor Scheme.
  • Become Thicker Skinned
  • Learnt more about professionally developing my blog & internet presence.
  • Found new and different Art styles that I enjoy working in.
  • Set myself up for professional development modules next year.
I would go into what I have done on other projects so far, but as of the moment, I have more so worked as a contact point between technology and art for the Musician, and as part of the Brainstorming team for Barista.

I have plenty of things I wish to achieve next year, but for now. I'm proud of what I have achieved this year, and by far am proud of all the people I've had the chance to work with thus far. Especially the Bap team, who without, I think I wouldn't have had the chance to develop in a sense of professionalism that leads to a more mainstream industry, one that I feel I would more likely flourish in.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Liquid Animation

Thanks to Katharine Nicholls, I have now been introduced to Liquid Animation, these guys are, AMAZING, I love their VFX work, they've worked on the video for "If you keep losing sleep" By my favorite band in the world Silverchair. They also have some absolutely fantastic animation and are seemingly contracted by Disney. I am hoping that I will be able to have some contact with the guys there due to Kathy's contacts with them.

They're based in Brisbane in Australia, which is again another possibility for me. I'm really looking forward to getting out of the UK and working elsewhere for a while, getting to know a new culture, be it anywhere in the world. But with my Best friend out in Adelaide in Australia, it seems like a good place to Start.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Just a quick post to say, if you're interested in Game Development at all, or going into it as a Career, check out Edge Magazine, especially this month's. This month's Issue not only covers some things that I'm very excited about, MMO releases from Blizzard and ArenaNET, a look at Dragon Age 2, and talking to one of my favourite producers in the world of Gaming, J Allen Brack Senior Producer at Blizzard.

Also, I'd suggest getting it for the insight into the industry it gives, and the Job opportunities that arise from it.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Exciting Stuff.

Now as many or few of you may know. I am a MASSIVE fan of the work done by The PRA. Which is "The Peoples Republic of Animation" who are based out in Adelaide where my best friend moved to 4 years ago.

So this morning as I was talking to Kathy about working out in Australia and finding myself an Animation or Games Design Mentor that I would really like. I thought, why on earth not. Why not try and contact them and see what Information I could get. As the evening has set in,... or should I say night, as it is half past 11 now. But I received an e-mail on my phone. Looked at it and quickly took to my computer to read it in a full view. I don't think I still believe my luck.

Sam White, The Managing Director of the PRA responded personally to my E-mail. Saying that as it was a unique request and that he would pass on the e-mail to his producers to see if they would be willing to help. Even if they cannot with their busy schedules, I feel really privileged to have received such a nice E-mail from someone who's running a Company that I really have the time of day for. In fact... More so, I really really respect and admire. I also now have the names of the two producers who work within the PRA who hopefully even if nothing comes of the E-mail I will be able to find some information on their specific works and gain an insight into the work that they have done. I really look forward to maybe hearing from either Renee Boucher or Hugh Nguyen in the near future, and if not hearing from them, at least following their works with now names to give to the animation I watch.

Again if you follow the Link provided above, you can have a look and see what I mean about this studio. Give them a visit and you may see some cool animation you didn't know which studio to give credit for!


For Kat

Kat asked me to post an update on my little sprites the other day when I'd done an update and I didn't get round to it in the afternoon, so here's the line up so far.

Check Kat out at the Link provided above. I love her art work and she's great to work with, really seems to be pushing herself this year, and I'm really looking forward to working with her, she's going to be working with me a while on Sarah's Project, doing storyboard touch ups, but in the mean time, pop over to her blog and give her some love.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Class Photo

I know I'm normally updating this with no pictures, and normally my blog seems quiet bland and boring, but today I enlighten you with a little project I'm doing. I aim to pull together an Animation class 2011 photo in Pixel form, and hopefully portray some of the Personalities that I've encountered over the past three years in a bit of a homage! These are what I have so far. From Left to Right..... Infact,.... I'll just let you guess.

On another note..

Trying my hardest to get in contact with Industry folk to give me a chance to prove my Metal. I'd really like to be able to go back to Leicestershire this Christmas and maybe get in contact with the guys at RARE, a games company from near my home who produced classics such as Golden Eye, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie. I can hope for the best, Also looking into Codemasters in Warwickshire!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

2 Weeks Until Rendered Environment...

And I'm pretty confident for The LT Team.

The Last Trophy on Friday came into their last day of Character Modelling and thus starts the Texturing and Modelling of Environments yet again. Also tweaking of the Block through to continue and to hopefully be some what 'Finalized' by the 10th. (As we know tweaking will go on throughout, BUT we hope to get this out of the way by the 10th) Also Rigging is to start and to at least have a Basic Rig for our Human Characters and of course Bap.

The one thing I am concerned about is the Dissertation and the Rigging/Animating going through Christmas, I think this is somewhere I am going to end up losing time and end up using the Contingency time I set in place. I wish to a point that I had gotten the rigging and character modelling out of the way earlier, but these things couldn't have gone any quicker and I'm pleased with the results the team has achieved.

Here's a List Collated by Roy on what we all have to get done by the End of this University Term, we will of course continue to work into the Christmas break and New year, but this is our little deadline for ourselves.



Collate final work for design bible.

Talk to Rich about Music.



Colour storyboard.


Roy, Emma & Oddne

Finish refined block through.


Matt L & Simon

Final render of blimp interior.


Matt B

Skeleton, Orient joints and IK Spline (including tail) for Bap.


Each person has decided for themselves what they believe is achievable in that time, thus we all agree to get these things done. I am going to start doing Dailies again by request from a few members of the team. Which I'm really happy about to be honest, before I just felt I was wasting my time at points with attitudes from different ends of the spectrum.

In Other News....

Sarah's Team are now underway with testing the Eye movement, after a long chat with Sarah (and the refusal of a fiver on the 41 from town) we have both managed to come to terms with the fact that 1. She's going to have to make compromise on certain things, and trust her team members with her baby. and 2. I'm going to have to learn new ways to approach members of teams differently. Should be good fun none the less.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Musician

Yesterday, I had a somewhat 'eventful' Day, and as a result, I've began producing Sarah Crombie's Stop Motion group.

Consisting of:

I'm glad I'm getting the chance to work with Sarah again, as she's a member of the Animation group I really admire, Her art and Dedication to the Idea. She's got a brilliant eye, and I love the darker side to her story. Orla & Jess are both people I haven't had the chance to work with but really look forward to it as they are both talented in their own respective fields. I hope that by setting small deadlines and getting things on the production line that Sarah can finally reap the rewards she deserves seeing all the hard work that herself and her group have put in come to fruition. Currently the group are working on getting test animation and shots done, getting the script and thumbnails finished this week and then next week Sarah and Orla are going to start on their Character Designs and Environments, focussing mainly on Environments to help Kat to finish of their storyboard.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Producing - The Ins and out of a Social art

So as I plan to jump into my Dissertation books once again, I just wanted to post up a few bits and pieces about what I've been doing, the things I've learnt so far through my development in the third year, and what I believe it takes to be a professional in my chosen area with the experience I have had with being 3 weeks away from the end of our first term.

Producing is not something to be over looked, not at all. I know that the organisation the Bap group has had and the reason we're so far ahead is due to not only a great and hard working team, but due to the leadership and organisation behind it. My team haven't had to go anything alone, I've handled all the social situations, getting Foley Artists & Musicians on board, Scripting, Making sure the factory line works and approaching people when it isn't. Working GANTT charts, ensuring lists and things are done, making sure communication is had between the director and everyone involved, inclusive of people he is less familliar with outside of the course. Also helping my team to network and meet the people I've had the chance to get in contact with. I've put time and my own money into this, be it a little of my own money. I took an objective view on the whole project, taking myself out of the arts side of it (apart from writing, but that was scrutinized by the team that had come up with the idea, and I play a minor part in the ideas process only throwing my ideas in when completely necessary Ok,.... whenever Simon goes flying overboard!) We're currently looking into trying to get some rigging software to speed up that process. I have a meeting with Sophie (Our Foley Artist) tomorrow, and obviously my Dissertation meeting with Ann, in a few weeks time I intend to start communication with the Eden project in an attempt to get a bit of endorsement and help with work on our sound.

As a Producer I believe it is good practice also to know your Team, know the process and know what you are capable of in the time you have. I'm still backing my teams progress and believe we will have a fantastic piece by the end of it. Be it with Generic storyline or not. I think even if you're not a producer and you are leading your team, and again, trying to get something done to a good degree of detail. Know your process. Or atleast ask someone who knows more than you, That's what I did when sorting out our year plan, I asked my Modellers how long they believed it would take, then I gave extra time for things that I myself may have forgotten, IE. UV Unwapping within the modelling, giving time for rigging, lighting, there are a lot of things to consider. Being less Familiar with the 2D process, I also paid a lot of attention to the timings that Alex Joliffe believed he would need on his, then also knowing Alex himself, I could work his timetable and give contingency where I thought it would be needed.

I'm also looking forward to having a bit of Friendly Competition now that Jessica Hudson and Orla McElroy are taking on Roles of Producers on certain projects. Also I would love to see Laurence Nairne get onto a project or two producing, as I believe he has an amazing amount of potential as a producer. I'm hoping with them taking up these roles it will make me see where I have missed out bits and pieces. And help me to further my development as a producer.

Professional Development.
I'm really Looking forward to this part of the course, as I have already started applying for Jobs and failing, (which sounds bad, but I'm happy cause I already have my Job seeking hat on, and I'm confident I can do the jobs that I set about to do) Especially after having spoken to Georg in depth about what I'd like to get out of it. I requested a Games Specific Producer, so hopefully there may be contacts to tap there to help me out into my future career, I've also started looking into getting my business cards produced. But first I need a working design.

Just to Add!

Been really Impressed with Roy Nottage recently, as he has been working on the Block through for our group, he's really taking hold of it, and I think he'd make an awesome Animation Director. I really like Roy's attitude and work Ethic. I think we're all seeing it, especially Matt Luxton who also commented on the same thing.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Week 7 of 31

Check Here for Blow by Blow of Studio Happenings

"The Last Trophy" Aka BAP! (to me at least) is well under way, Just had our tutorial with Andy & Georg, Georg has requested that we have finished shots before Christmas and with this challenge presented, I really want to have it done. Also to get our Aesthetic down. As a Producer for this group I think I'm doing really well, although after a conversation with Matt Luxton + Simon Acty last night, I'm going to have to switch off being a friend in the studio, I have to treat it completely professionally even if members of teams are not going to. I know I don't have the power to fire anyone, but I want to take this as far as I can, As I have already began sending my CV/Resume off for jobs. I feel it's worth treating my peers as professionals, and hopefully they will do the same in return. I'm really looking forward to putting the credits on this project and seeing what I've pulled together, even now I'm impressed with how much I've done, but I can't lose the fire now, Just got to keep pushing on. 2 more weeks of Character Modeling, May cut that down to make way for environment modeling, I believe Matt & Matt. B can get the work done in time.

Working on Alex Joliffe's project should start today, at 2.00pm I am to attend a production meeting with him, Andy and Georg, This unfortunately has felt like less of an importance to me as I have been trying to put together the large monstrous Bap group. But now with a Strong team working on that one, Alex needs to start playing his way. I know he likes to work from home, but as a producer, I'm can't sit in his room and tell him how to work. We did arrange to meet every two days to discuss what he had been doing, but that didn't go ahead, and in his defence I didn't really push too hard in those first 5 weeks. Last week he took time out after the pitch by his own means, which to me is fair enough, my time table for Alex is now out of the window and hasn't really worked out. If Bap is hard because it's such a big group, then Alex's is just the opposite, because he is alone in his work so far, it's hard to produce just one person. Especially someone who prefers to work from home, I think I need to find a mid ground with Alex on production meetings & allowing Alex to work at home, but when he has a team he needs to come in and give his team work as a Director. Hopefully today we will come to a good arrangement.

Professional Practice.

I have began looking into Business Cards & Bits and pieces like that as myself, Ollie Skillman-Wilson and Hughey Hubert are considering going to GDC in February out in San Francisco. GDC is the games developers conference and if we get the chance to work out there then we get free access to the whole event. We're looking into what funding might be available at the moment and seeing if we can get any help from the careers office to help us go and put our names out there.

It's pretty exciting and the idea of being in the industry in about 6 months makes my stomach turn, here's hoping at least!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Blizzard - Associate Producer Job

So yesterday I ran into Uni like a giddy school girl.... Ok I lie,... I kind of walked at the same pace as usual. Showed Georg a Job position on Blizzard's Career website. The perfect Job. Associate Producer, This is something I know I will work my life toward, well hopefully as a fully fledged Producer or Game Designer, I would love to work for Blizzard, it's like my Dream Job. So I applied. I just went for it. I'm confident in my ability, but my Age and experience doesn't bode well for me. But I know I could do this job just as well as anyone else. Sounds big headed, But I've worked so hard to get to where I am now. I've learnt so much, and owe a lot to Andy Wyatt, the Producer workshops with Helen, Georg for giving me the guts to go ahead and just try for it.

I'm really excited to see the results of it all, I may not ever get a reply. But hell. Even an interview would make me the happiest guy ever. I'm going to haunt the Careers website from now on in. I'm so stoked to be applying for Jobs already.

Wish me Luck.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

First Steps

This morning I sent my letter to Peter Molyneux of Lionhead studios In a hope to set up my own shadowing of a producer in the games industry as this is where I would really like to end up. Lionhead played a massive part in why I wanted to get into the gaming industry when I chose to leave behind sound engineering 3 years ago. Now I feel I'm a lot more mature and a hell of a lot more prepared. I'm kind of confident. But at the same time, I still got nervous even sealing the letter. It felt like sealing my fate. I've also been looking into sending letters to bigger company's like Blizzard, EA Mythic / Bioware and other companies that influenced my choice. I also need a new subscription to EDGE magazine,.... please?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


We're about 3 weeks into term now, this is week 4 of our time table & Gant chart that now haunts the digital animation studio, the days are being crossed off as we go along. Yesterday I felt a bit run down so headed home to do some contacting of external sources for use with the "Bap" group.

Bap Group

As it stands, since Andy's big production meeting things have been going a lot lot better. Also after speaking one on one with Andy, and getting down to the nitty gritty on things. I feel a hell of a lot better. Things are organising themselves, and I feel the group is just pouding through all the work. This is now week 4 that I have worked with this group, so I've been with them from the start, I wrote the script and pulled together so much for them, and I'm again pretty stoked with myself. But to be fair, the praise goes out to this group of talented individuals.

Matt Luxton our resident modelling expert who spent so much time last year working away at home, never really to have his work critiqued or evaluated, is flourishing at the moment, especially with all the hints and tips from Georg Finch. Everyday he's throwing himself into the work and even when we go home he's pounding away at the modeling just because he enjoys it so much. I think if Matt keeps a quality check on our models then we stand to make a very aesthetically pleasing and technically sound group of models for use within the animation.

Our less confident modeler Matt Butler, is again doing me proud, and I hope doing himself the same, he is again plowing through the models he's been assigned to work on, and he's doing a great job of producing quality looking models. Again I think this is because of the dedication he is showing, and I think if he keeps this up he would make a promising asset to any team, the only problem we have had has been with UV unwrapping, but that's something we all have to learn and whenever I look at those sheets, I feel a little sick. He is currently working on the character model for 'Bap' the creature character in our short, and is again doing a great job, so far his topology is looking very workable, and I hope that Matt will take an active role in the rigging to help him also work on his modelling and knowing how our topology will work when animated and weighted.

Emma Taylor has spent the three weeks prior to this week working on our pre-production bible, Emma came into her element here as she does some amazing backgrounds and concepts. her Jungle scenes that are integral to our project and the aesthetic of the film have proven well worked and she puts a lot of time and effort into these. Emma this week is beginning to work on her animation as she seems to be quiet interested in that aspect of the production. As I have never seen much of Emma's 3D animation, I wanted her to work on the same scene that Oddne and Holly had been working on. Thus she has the time to get back into that aspect of the work. I think this will be more beneficial for her than working on environments that she is already very good at. I also think working next to Oddne and Holly will really help her.

Simon Acty, who has taken the role of Internal Art Director for this film is doing an amazing job also. Although we have had our clashes with certain timing and bits and pieces. We've worked very well together and look to each other to finalize what the team will be doing during the day, week or month. He is sharing this role with Roy. Simon has also worked very hard on Character concepts, and has really flourished with his ability to lead a team, I don't think he was pushed or given the chance to really do this and I see him as naturally taking up this role, and I think we all can respect him in this given role. He has pulled together the pre production well. And is currently working on modeling the hunter character. We have had clashes on what certain members of the group should be doing and prioritizing at certain points throughout the production and have had little meetings when required to discuss the production, but as it goes, everyone in the group is acting very professional.

Now for the people I haven't had the chance to work with before, and to be honest feel very lucky to be able to work with them, as is the same with the above individuals, are all very talented in their respective areas, and all approached me to work on this project.

First, I'll start with a man with more internet presence than Tom from Myspace.... (That may be an overstatement) Roy Nottage, Roy approached me at the end of last year to work on the game idea I had, I was pretty excited to get to work with Roy, as we are not only good friends, but I think his work is always pretty special, he works really hard to be the best he can be, and it's pretty inspirational, especially with the way his drawin developed from the first year. I think without Roy, our group would have had a much bigger job on our hands, not only has he worked on concept designs for props, which have been skillfully modeled by Matt B and Matt L, but he has started to piece together the animatic from storyboards that Simon worked on. He is currently adding sound effects to our Animatic as I speak. and Will be one of the Animators to go on into production.

Holly "Bird" Tselikova, again a skilled designer and artist who I have yet to have the opportunity to work with, Holly wanted to get her hands on some 3D animation, and we are more than willing to provide her with this, one of the things I admire about Holly is how headstrong she is, and that she will work and work and work to be as good, if not better than anyone else around her, and with the high amount of talent around her at the moment, I think she's really flourish, and with the talent that's already there, that's a pretty scary concept for me, who's only talent is being me. Holly is a hard worker and we do clash from time to time, because we're both very strong willed, and I know how hard it can be to work for someone you feel is on the same level as you, but as with all the people mentioned here, and within' the class, I have a massive amount of respect for her.

Oddne Madsen, to be fair this was a bit half and half, the group had been wanting to approach Oddne about working as an animator with our piece, we were all a fan of his 11 second club entry and know how hard he works. With even the first bit of animation I gave him to do, I was pretty blown away by his talent and efficiency from the start. There's not much else to say here, but I really do thank whoever kicked Oddne out of Norway every minute of every day for him approaching us to work on this animation.

Pete "The German" Stache, Even though it's not very apparent, I think me and Pete have a Massive mutual respect for one another. Even though I know he would say something like "Dowler's Useless" I know Pete's got a soft spot for me really, Pete's someone I wanted to collar for help with Post Production and Effects from the start, because it's an area I'm interested in, I really admire the passion that Pete has for the area and the skill he shows, and his ability to learn. I know where I stand on this front, and I understand it, but I am in no way, anywhere near as Talented as Pete in the area, So I'm really glad to have him along for the ride as well. Currently Pete is testing some effects for our piece.

Jake Jones, who I have worked with before, and is a good friend, has worked on our "Apprentice" concept, he did a really good job, but had to take time to concentrate on his own idea. I really appreciated not only his art and concept work for us, but also the critique and help he gave us with story development from the start, Even if as a writer myself, who sometimes struggles with word meanings I get a little flustered when I use the wrong word in the wrong context and Jake picks up on it, I have a lot of time for Jake's help in this area, even if he could be a little less blunt haha. Again, I've had the chance to be close to Jakes work in the past and see it develop, and I love his art style. I think his designs worked for me a lot better than many others. Even though as a model we've had to change things a lot to make it work in 3D. Jake is an asset to any team and I know he'll go on to do some amazing things, maybe even with me in the future in the gaming industry, in an Ideal world, even if we clash, I know I would really like to see Jake in the same industry as me.

(Ps. I'm saying all this now before I want to blow all your heads off....... Simon Acty, this already applies to you. )

Important Disclaimer - Rant Ahead, in the nicest possible manner.

Now, I know this group is massive. I understand a lot of people may be pissy with the fact it's so big. But like I said earlier in my post, I have the upmost respect for everyone in the third year of animation, I've spent 2 important years of my life working toward this year with everyone, and everyone is so talented in their respective area. I was even worried for this big group when I heard the pitches, I mean, there are some amazing idea's being thrown around, and with the talent on the course, there is absolutely no reason every idea shouldn't go ahead. But Andy and Georg are correct, we need ideas that are feasible, and that a group will want to work on, something that's going to get finished.

I know a lot of people don't see it, but I've done a lot of work to get this group to where we are now, And I'm ridiculously proud to be a part of it, especially being the one who has driven it, and will drive it to completion. This isn't MY Group. This group developed the story from scratch themselves, I let them develop the concept, I just wrote it up for them. They refined it, Derek Hayes Refined it, Andy Wyatt Refined it, and Kathy Nichols Refined it, and it's still being refined every time it is scrutinized and every time it is, we work as hard as possible to patch up the holes in the work. I work hard trying to schedule it all in and make sure everyone's on track, and yes, we're ahead of my schedule, and no doubt we'll hit a time when we fall behind. But I'll be there pushing through each individual in this group, helping them to over come whatever trouble we have and finding the solution.

I have approached course leaders from music composition, I have acquired a music student to work on the original score for the piece, I'm currently in contact with a Foli & Sound scape artist, I have arranged meetings to finalize designs for the pitch, I have Gant Charted, Sheduled, I have written letters and as production goes on, and we have a certain finishing point, I will be getting in contact with people who can further push our production out there. I am pretty much taming a very odd, lopsided, but scarily large, 9 legged monster. This is my job, this is what I want to do, I've grown up a lot since even the first and second year of BA (hons) Digital Animation at UCF. I am a Producer, and I will always do my best for the production, like the boy scout I once was and pretty much got dismissed from.

I've also been helping Leah Gayton, Alex Joliffe and now Gareth Sharples, and I really thank them for helping me to feel like I'm needed within their production, Even now Leah has realized she doesn't require a producer for her group, but I was glad I could help her as far as I could, even when I shot her idea down a little, she fought back and has done amazingly.

Rant/Motivational Talk Over

I will be posting up soon about Gareth Sharples' work. Again another member of the third year Animation crew I respect and look up to, and generally love his work, He has an amazing style, and again I'm really pleased he approached me to further an already amazing Idea.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Production Reports for Week 1 & 2

Week one

As I have scheduled,. Week one as I am calling it was not week one, we had begun concepts and other bits and pieces before returning to uni, but to continue with our plan and what Andy and Georg had set out guidelines wise. I chose to start our scheduling from that point forward, so within' week one we began to finalize ideas, run them past Derek, Andy and Georg, gaining ideas for the technical aids we would need. I also began to write up the script as drawn concepts went about being drafted up. Our team at this point consisted of

Myself – Producer, Writer, Editor, Direction

Matthew Luxton – Modelling, Lighting

Matthew Butler – Modelling, Rigging

Emma Taylor – Concept art

Simon Acty – Concept Art, Storyboarding, Modelling, Direction

Roy Nottage – Concept Art, Animation, Art Direction

I also drew up gannt charts that week and began sheduling modelling the characters in a bit more detail.

Week two

Week two I began chasing up music and our modelling was well under way in the props department with Matt & Matt, the two of them have implimented a system suggested by Georg, to model, unwrap, model, unwrap, instead of saving all the unwrapping to the last minute, Simon continued to storyboard, Emma with concepts and Roy working alongside the modellers at this point doing technical drawings for them to work from. We also expanded our team with Animators, a Rigger, a compositor and another modeller/maya buff.

Oddne Madsen – Animation

Holly Bird – Animation

Peter Stache – Compositing/VFX

Scott & Ollie from Second Year – Maya Buffs/Riggers.

The team seems to be becoming a monster, one that I have to tame, but with some of the best people I could have wished to recruit, I'm proud of how our organisation and dedication seems to have brought these people into our wings.

So far we haven't really come across many problems and there's a lot of initial learning going on for all our members.

Being in the studio from 9 – 5 each day is also helping out a lot, as we are in constant contact with Derek, Kathy, Georg & Andy, who have all helped in their own way with our project, thus the writing has furthered, and the project has come into it's own. It's been really good to get the feedback and at this moment in time refine the story, shots and general theme of the film and pitch.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Boys of Summer

It's been far too long. The majority of my mind has been spewed over on my Tumblr as of late @ But here's an update on how things have gone.

Over Summer I spent a lot of time working, mainly to keep myself alive, due to not getting the research job with the writing company in Penzance. I was working at WHSmiths over the first half of the holiday, and working hard. I actually mean it. I was pretty damn proud of myself. When I finally got away from that I visited home for 2 weeks. Unfortunately not seeing as much of my parents and family as I could have done. Then returning back to Falmouth for the remainder. I spent a lot of time researching where I wanted to go, figuring out my options. I am very much so a person who has to know "What's Next" I don't just live for the now. I live for my future. So I began researching a lot. Picking up Edge Magazine more often than not, and e-mailing recruitment companies. all of who gave negativity on the games industry in the way of students and even producers.

Later on in the holiday I decided I would like to get to know 2D animation software a bit better just incase I ended up producing an animation for the third year that may have to be developed in this way.

I began using sprites to create a small animation for pitching at Jimmy's shop Loading in Falmouth town, and intend to do some work for him in the near future. but here's a quick demo of what kind of thing I was messing around with. along with this I also looking into action scripting a small platform game and checked out using software such as game maker for the same purpose to make an interactive website for professional practice.

I found the hardest thing is rendering out nicely, as you can see, remnants appear in the work, which aren't exactly critical to the piece

Final Year Project
Ok so. The Final year project took a bit of a twist the week before we returned to university. It was decided the initial plan was no longer to be continued with, between Emma, Simon and Matt. Thus I joined the creation of a new Idea.

This new idea was for a pretty Generic chase sequence, a tried and tested story of sorts, set in an odd steam punk like world. I have currently helped further the story and I'm currently writing the script. As I do this my team members are creating props and assets we know will be required for the piece. Simon & Roy have also been decided as internal directors for the piece. Mainly due to needing people to know the aesthetic and to actually give the idea some kind of individuality.

Tomorrow I intend to have the script finished and have a timetable drafted up for our production meeting monday morning at 9am.

(more to come tomorrow)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Some Drawings.... Because I was BOOOORED

Was just having a quick mess around, using a picture from a Gambit Comic and having a go at that. Messed around with it a bit.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Andy Wyatt. I Love you!

But no.... Seriously.

So I'm feeling great today, everyone in Animation did a great pitch. Even If I believe a few of us were pitching to the wrong people for our ideas. I believe my group came of strong and knowledgeable about our subject. Well done chaps! Although I have seen areas I would like to further and hopefully get myself sorted for next year. But the two who we pitched to seemed like nice people and obviously had their own areas of expertise.

It's made me feel so very good about starting my own company after/during my last year of University and basing it down here, but that's a different story.

I also today received the offer of an interview to work as a researcher over the summer full time for 12 weeks. With french VFX researchers, working for South West Screen. The post looks awesome and hopefully with the right intent I can go for it and begin my rein over the world. Nah I joke. But this is something If I get it I can pull my weight and have some amazing contacts and a way out into the world after University. I am Very Very excited, this is all thanks to both my ambassador jobs and to Andy for passing my details to Pippa who is running the show. I am Stoked.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Pitch Project Work - A Slice from Everyone Involved

Release the Beast, our game concept for the pitch project and maybe to be carried through into the third year is now being complimented on a daily basis, it's really nice to have an idea that everyone believes can work. And I'm really proud so far of the team I've put together. The above drawings were done by Simon Acty, who I'm particularly proud of, he put a lot of time into getting these down and making them as amusing as the bullet points I had provided for the characters. I think they work fantastically and he's currently cleaning them up for the pitch. Myself and Matt Luxton did the composition above in Photoshop using Simon's art. It's been really nice being a kind of idea's generator, an organiser, quality control, and mediator between all parties involved. And I really feel like these guys are treating me as a team leader. And we're all working together fantastically. We've even had a request that if we take this into the third year. Roy Nottage would like to work on Animating the characters. So we're attracting a bit of attention with the idea.

This small piece of Artwork is a roughed up concept for a world called "Bananaland" as coined by Matt Butler, (All the names are subject to change) The piece above is by Emma Taylor, and the Map below is for the world in question done by Matt B. Matt B. has proven to be very enthusiastic throughout this project, throwing ideas in and around as he can and working hard to create environments based on his knowledge of video games and shoot'em ups. Emma has also taken the time to do some Character descriptions and naming which again will undergo some looking over and changes, but are again fantastic. Emma is a brilliant fantasy writer and her character descriptions represent that, We just tweak the comedy slightly.

This is a Mock up of the HUD (Heads up Display) Designed by myself and Simon, The Gun Model was done as a test by Matt just so we'd have something to throw down for the pitch. We're working quickly and efficiently and this is showing through the quality of the work we have, I feel myself getting better and better as a leader and know how I would want this to run were it used next year as a third year project. I'm at a half way point on belief in this project now, what with the compliments we've had. From my initial change of plan, to what me and my group have come up with. I'm really beginning to be quiet proud of what we have even to this point.

These are a few Gun Designs done by Matt L. as concepts. I believe they still require a bit of work, but they are absolutely fantastic. Matt is a wicked guy to work with, he puts so much time and effort into what he does and always comes back with things of fantastic quality.

All in all we're working away at making this the best fun we can make it, and it may be an option to make maybe a working level, or a concept trailer for the game next year for our FMP.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Big Update

Ok so recently. I got my self into gear. I should have some stuff to upload later.


seeing as I'm working on my Script at the moment, I can't really upload the full thing can I? Or Can I? If anyone is interested in reading through the first draft of my Script for "Bandits" then please give me a shout @

So things are going well with the script. I've done a few bits and bobs drawing wise also. And found a few more things just recently I wanted to further, remembering I had a stash of stories that I'd never saved or used. Which I plan to further and develop maybe to pitch as work for next year. Maybe just to do as a Web Comic, or maybe just to keep my hand in the creative side of production.

Boom! ok!

Pitch project! Going ok! We had a massive turn around of idea, which now everyone seems pretty stoked to be a part of! We're going to be making a Team Fortress-esque/Street Fighter-ish, game (well not making it, but pitching it). We plan for it to be a bit of an adult aimed game maybe for plus 15's but with 5 people working on the project I have found myself taking the lead role again, which is good, because now I feel I don't have to back down no matter what these people say,. These guys have chosen to work with me, and they're all awesome in their own specific way. And to see that they acknowledge my skill aswell makes me feel so much better about myself. So I'm just gonna do my best to get them through and to have them do the best they can. I'm really happy with this, and am holding weekly meets as well as personal meets with each of my work mates. It's a really nice and personal way to make sure stuff is going ok. Now I want to make sure everyone knows what's going on in their own department and have something to talk about.

At the moment.

Character Designs - Simon Acty & Myself
Character Stories - Emma Taylor & Myself
Environments - Matt Butler
Weaponry - Matt Luxton
Interface and Playability - Me and the Teams input

I think this will work well. I just need to get everyone together to sort the pitch into something nice and flowy! And I have an awesome idea for a gimmick that'll make it rememberable. Keep your minds open! haha.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's been far too long.

Well Woke up this morning and remembered this.

I feel really bad at the moment. I've been so busy with other bits and pieces, I've not put any time into my uni work, although the thoughts have been there. Like with Cherie's work. I feel so bad, I've literally not stopped doing Campus Tours, Ambassador and Mentor work for the University. And now I have my Job at WHSmiths, I just find myself having a hard enough time just trying to make enough money to stay alive as I do trying to get all the work done I have to do.

So I'll give it a shot to fill you in about over the holidays and what I'm up to now.

3rd Year Work

The third year work started out really well for me. I'd done all the modelling I was asked to do, and stayed over easter especially to do the work. I did the majority of things, asked too and a lot of it was new learning for me, and working in Cherie's environment was hard as referencing and files were quiet hard to get to even open with the correct things within them.

I feel kind of bad just because I haven't managed to get done all the things I said I would, in that case I'm a failure. And I feel terrible for not having it all done, but my skills. even when breaking what Cherie had done, or using the gravity and shatter effects in Maya,... It was all a mystery to me, I learnt so much about soft rigid bodies and active bodies and all sorts like this, in that sense it's really been a steep one for me.

I think the problems were that the group had no production meetings. Nor was everyone here all the time intended. Leadership and pushing of the group was somewhat lacking and I feel that had we all sat down together at points, the problems I'd had could have been solved between us. I feel if I'd have EVEN had a job animating on this project I could have done all that was asked of me, instead. I had a job that challenged me to a point of total disinterest and a lack of ability to save it with the time I had. Again I'm ever so sorry to Cherie for all of this. I missed the one production meeting when we got back due to having campus tours and mentor interviews.

Negotiated Breif

for the negotiated brief I plan to write a script for my final year project. This is also going to be used for my pitch project.

My script is going to be based on some music and some videos I found on Racoons. I've seriously had ideas rattling around my head for a couple of months now and this will be really nice to get done, and quiet the contrast to what a lot of people are planning on doing for their final year project. I know for a fact that I can do as good a job as anyone else in creating something for the final year, but I think I'm the only person willing to go ahead and ask for help. A lot of people say they either don't want to work in groups, or flat out would HATE someone working on their final year project. To me, this somewhat kills the idea of what Animation is. I don't mind if no-one joins on my idea for my animation. Even if I think it's good doesn't mean everyone else has to think it is... I have a modeller lined up already for the characters and for environments and character turn arounds I have two 2D artists. So far my crew list for THIS YEAR goes like this. (Of course I will stay on within the crew for the full development and hopefully so will Matt.)

Tom Dowler - Producer/Director/Sound/Writer/Post-Production/Animation.
Matt Luxton - Character/Prop Modeling
Emma Taylor (Prov) - Environment Design
Gareth Sharples - Character Design and Turnarounds

I'd like to get as many people involved as I can. So If anyone likes my idea at pitch or at any stage and has read this, please get in touch. I'd really appreciate more animators and creatives to just give this a boost and help me in the final year.

So more than anything, My pitch project is to enable me to recruit more members of animation who would maybe like to work as a team.


Sunday, 28 February 2010

Back on Track

After a chat with Derrick and a good long think, I'm back on track, I've e-mailed and spoken to all the teams I was producing and gotten back on with them all, this monday I've arranged production meetings and to see what they're all doing, and will join in and help them all out with whatever they need, I already have helped with the Tracking on Simon and Matt's peice.

I think my lack of confidence in myself as a producer due to one or two elements was a bit stupid now. I really want to do this, so why should I let anyone destroy my chances. I am going to get these projects finished, I'm determined, EVEN If I end up with 3 lots of work to help my groups accomplish what they want.

Roll on Monday. Tomorrow I'll find out where everyones at and set realistic deadlines around what we have to do!


Friday, 26 February 2010

Here are some quickies I've rendered up today, the final Pen with the Skull replacement, And I've done a few frames, some with Nails bent etc. There are a few more around.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Zee Third Year Projects

My Work for Today, Really enjoying the Burton-esque style of Cherie's Peice, I can really get on with it. And the little tidbits she's getting me to work on and design are quiet cool, even if they only play a small part in the peice!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Through the Hard times,....

Ok so... Producing has kind of gone down the pot.

I was working with Simon, Matt and Lee. Orla and Alex, Holly and Jess. I put together calenders for each of them and worked my way around stuff working as a contact point for the groups. Alex and Orla had some contact problems due to technical difficulties, and Jess was suffering with an ankle problem for a day or two and couldn't get in.

The hard part came pretty early on into the whole project, and as a result, I have thrown my producing onto a back rink to concentrate on doing my own project. I guess I feel kind of down heartened by it all. But it's been a hard ride. I guess I could lay blame,... but I don't see it as being the right thing to do. I kind of know now who I can and cannot work with. I'm going to continue helping Holly and Orla's groups. But I want to have something to show for this project, and I know I'm technically as well qualified to do something as awesome as everyone else. Admittedly with a lot less time than I scheduled my groups. But none the less that went out the window because no-one seemed to follow what I had set out for them and even when I pushed I found myself granted little to no respect in the way of my position. (Admittedly not with every group)

My main downfall came with the group I was working with within' my house. I know this may cause conflict, or even make it 'hard to live' but to be honest, It's far too hard for me to just house up emotion because others don't want 'dead air' that hasn't been caused by myself. 

Now I know I'm on the same course as everyone here, and I know that it's hard to have a leader if you don't do the whole authority thing, especially me being me, I've lost so many jobs because I refuse to be walked on, but at the same time, I still have RESPECT for everyone around me, and their given skills, I mean hell, everyone in Animation has some amazing talent, and I'm so lucky to be around the people I am, and recently I had even found that I had talent you know? I could organize people, I AM a good leader and I work well with people who share the same respect as me. This is why I tried my hardest to allocate jobs dependent on those skills while I was working as a producer. I even got told by a few people I did a great job. RESPECT is a reason that people act the way they do, but I had plenty of this when addressing my class mates and the people I was working with, if I had a problem I would address it with them directly, I would not go behind their backs to have words with anyone higher up. This is where my problems start. I have spoken about the issue to those that it matters to, and I hope that the person that lacked the respect for me in the role I had chosen gets treated better than I did when it comes their turn, Cause it's kinda hurtful. 

On that note, due to this, and my rota not being followed, groups have fallen behind, I know they can bring it back, but I don't feel that with the third year projects coming up and the focus on those, that I would like to be marked on my production of these projects, as a friend I will help anyone who asks it of me, as a want to be producer, I will help organise and track down anyone who needs to be tracked down, but I don't think I could claim responsibility for any of these things getting done. I don't feel as if this project has been handled in a professional mannerism, and maybe that's down to me,... but it also feels as if the work I had done and all I had tried to do had been undermined. 

Trying not to sound like myself in despair. No amounts of walking to Falmouth or getting out to take my mind of how I feel is helping. I'm hoping working with new people on the third year project will give me that breath of fresh air that I so crave. Plus maybe I'll even get to get a bit Tim Burton on everyone's ass! 


Ps. I know all of this could be written in an evaluation where only tutors could read it, but to be fair... That's not how I play. I will lay out and talk to ANYONE who has an issue with me, as I would expect with anyone else. I know everyone has their own personality and for some people it CAN be hard. But again,... it's all a part of respecting one another.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Upping my Internet Presence!

I've recently gone about giving myself a bigger presence on the internet. You can now also find me at:


Top two are probably of relevance, bottom one is for any questions you wish answered by yours truely. I try to check all of my internet resources as often as possible. Admittedly my Tumblr will be becoming vastly used as it's just such a quick way to blog. 

Also in other news.

Today is a production meeting, I'm going to try and get as much as possible from my groups to show you on my blog and to tell you all where they're at and set new deadlines for them as the end of this project is fast approaching with more being thrown our way each day.

Dissertation is a bit of a killer due to not knowing exactly what I want to do yet and I wanted to focus a lot of attention on that aspect of the course, just to up my knowledge in this area. I'm having a few dry weeks at the moment. Hoping I can whet my appetite a bit more after today!

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Ok so I've began Producing on two groups for the post production project and I'm helping out as best I can also with their projects. I have collected Contact information for both groups and compiled two Contact sheets. I've done both groups calenders and been on location filming with both. I'm currently working up some Gantt charts for both of them.

My First group. 
Simon Acty, Matthew Luxton & Lee Dutfield

I've been involved with this Idea from the start essentially although Matt and Simon took their creative juices a flowing, Their initial Idea was a trailer for a feature film kind of thing which was reminiscent of "The Secret Garden" or "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe". The Idea to have a main protagonist sucked into a book and taken on an adventure through a fantasy world. The Idea has been cut down to a single scene involving the main character walking to a ruined shrine and opening the book and the book's magic being released. 

This Idea is going to focus a lot on Particle effects from the book, and changing the setting. The book is also going to have effects such as a burning letter effect and animations upon the page or so I believe. So far I have helped Simon on the Director role, helping him pick shots, we went out on a recci the week before I was appointed Producer. Taking shots of the vale and places we could use for the actual peice before settling on a ruined area in the middle of Kennel Vale. 

I then Set them up their calender for work which so far has been well kept to and we're time in hand. Just what I wanted as a producer. At the moment I have set Lee working on 3 Matte paintings for use in places. And today as I write this, Matty and Si are getting the renders to get working on. So far this group is working well. Although Lee seems to be segregated from the others, I hope to get them all working as a Team. This proves hard as it's not exactly my "Job" I am still just their housemate, but I'm doing my best as a Producer to work it out. I know that the respect of a producer isn't probably what I have between them. But I want to help them with all I can. I guess this gives me a chance to prove myself. I know Simon and Matt are working to their upmost to make this project something they can be proud of. I think they've settled on using Adobe After effects for their particle work. 

Second Group.
Orla McElroy & Alex Joleaf

I only really got together with these guys this Monday, Orla and Alex are fantastically ambitious in their project and it sounds as if it will be really good. They plan to do a 30 second clip of a music video for one of Alex's friend's band. Integrating 2D with live action environments, They are also filming at Kennel Vale. The first thing I really got to do with these guys was talk about what they planned to get done, I didn't want to stunt their creativity, but I know it's going to be a lot of work, and I know Alex said he planned to do a lot of work outside of University hours. So as the producer, I worked to Uni hours and set up a calender for them also to follow, which to my surprise Alex said he was very impressed with. I have since then changed a few things as this week didn't go as planned and they've taken a few more days to film, which is cutting into the days we had planned for tracking footage, but the two of them again are doing a fantastic job. I bumped into them at the Vale the other day whilst working with Simon and Matt to get footage. I get the idea with this group I'm going to end up pushing a lot toward the end, but I might be wrong. I really hope it comes to fruition for them cause both of them are working really hard with it. My worry was with the Animation coming first but they both assure me that the Animation and comping will be done together, so they'll not be without a finished article at the end.

Orla and Alex's schedule runs like this.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Producing and Styles

I think I've definitely found where I want to be within' the Animation/Media industry. I'm going to continue to work towards becoming a producer, I know it's not an easy route, but having discussed it all with Andy Wyatt and Georg Finch, I now know what to do. So I aim to get myself re-aquatinted with Excel and other Office packages. And to work as best I can with as many groups as possible.

I think this will be from now on a very prosperous year all being well. 

Anyway. Here's some Anime/Cartoony styles I've been experimenting with recently. 

Also Currently finding my love for Australia and their god damn amazing Music! Whey Silverchair! New South Wales is my Spiritual home! haha. Tx

Friday, 15 January 2010

3 Day Writing Colaberation

Hello people of my Blog.

Well. What can I say other than, How proud I am of what me and my group managed to do within the three days we were given for the Writing Collaberation project.

This project was set alongside the MA writing students at UCF. The Idea was to create a peice for NUFSED (National Union of Fairies, Sprites, Elves and Druids). To Promote these creatures in a positive light. It was all a bit of a blur for me at the start and I didn't know what to think at all.

When our group got read out, we obviously knew our own Digital Animation crew, but our partnered Writers we had no idea about. My Group were as follows.

Myself - Producer
Sarah Crombie - Art Director
Simon Acty - Storyboarding
Emma Taylor - Designer
Harriet Teagle - Animator
Lee Dutfield - Post Production

Then we were joined by three writers. Dave, Matt and Sam. We then set off to go about coming up with our idea for NUFSED. We had gotten the theme of 'Information' for our piece. We took off to the common room to invade and make use of the quiet room and comfortable chairs to talk over our ideas. As directed by the writers, we took ourselves off into groups of two each, Me and Simon migrated to the coffee machine and came up with the idea we would finally use and develop.

Our idea was to do a 50's style american tutorial video. Much like the Coronet "Are you popular" piece.

So we left the script writing to the writers, which we thought they would obviously be good at, and took of to come up with concepts for the look, This was mainly due to the writers feeling that they worked better in their own environment. So we organised to rendevouz back at the common room at 2pm to show each other our ideas. I then took a contact number and gave them my own so we could get in touch, I Should have made the contact list there and then but we all wanted to get on with it, So away we went.

The animators worked hard on finding a look and style for the characters. Researching old movie posters and a three tonal approach to the art. Whilst I ran around trying to sort out who was going to do what.

When we returned to talk to the writers, we found that even though we had agreed on a certain approach for the script, they had worked on another idea completely and only drafted our final idea. Their researched script didn't show the creatures in a good light like the brief had asked and again was going to be far too strenuous to animate and design within' three days and would have been somewhat an epic. Sarah our art Director set about trying to explain the latter to them, whilst I enforced the fact that this wasn't what was asked of us. I Tried to take my role of producer as seriously as possible, and the fact the actual script didn't meet our clients brief was something that stood out to me as an initial fault, and in industry would obviously not be accepted.

So after choosing to work on the drafted script for our first idea we went about getting the design work down, The character designs were split between Sarah, Simon and Harriet, the Backgrounds were assigned to Emma, Lee began finding sounds that we may need and getting a vocalist for our script to be read by, a search for a sound track was underway. We also sent the writers to work on the script and final draft it for us. This was not until I had established a
Contact List Which in all honesty was invaluable, I spent that evening researching what I would have to do as a Producer, as I now really like this idea, it seems to be somewhere I fit very naturally and very well, and had comments from my group on how comfortable they felt working under me, And that even under stress, it was still a good environment to work within' they say you can't please everyone, but I'd like to think I did quiet well with my team of animators in this project.

Day 2 - More Arty Farty Stuff!

We began Day 2 with my Art Director in a slight stress about the script,... in fact,... I think after reading through it and it's direction, we found it to be very bland, and from an animation point of view, not very entertaining at all. I pushed on though, making sure Characters and Backgrounds would be ready for Myself and Harriet to animate on the last day. My perogative was that in Industry, we would always be given things that we would not wish to do, and this within' the course was gonna be one of those things we didn't particularly want to do, but we would do it to the best of our abilities none the less.

We continued through the day throwing together the Art, re-working it so it all looked as if it would fit with the style and getting it looked polished enough to show at the end of the day for the daily presentation. Simon had storyboarded over the night and throughout the day, and would end up doing the same the next morning due to certain changes.

After watching the presentations and seeing everyone elses scripts seeming to come into a more animation element. Myself and Sarah spoke to Derek due to our dislike and lack of faith in the strength of our script, to which Derick had the answers. We would not change the script at all, Just the stage direction, this would of course mean re-storyboarding. But would result in a more sellable product, which to me as the producer was my aim, I then went about myself changing the script and jotting down little bits and peices for the storyboard artist. (Simon) to put into the piece. This made me feel quiet director-esque, I enjoyed this also. Being able to get creative, as the director chosen from Writing was not with us for 2 days due to Ill health, as they say. "The Show Must go on", so myself and Sarah took an active role in that also and worked collaberatively as a Director, although I didn't infringe on her job as art director, Working as the producer as well allowed me to not allow anything to go too overboard and we would have ample time to put everything we had changed into practice in the third day.

Day 3 - The Death of me

Ok I lie, It wasn't the death of me, It was actually quiet fun. Now Sarah, Simon and Emma had very little to do due to the Pre-pro being done. Myself and Harriet sat down to After Effects and Lee headed into the studio with the writers to get the Sound we would need. Simon and Sarah had suggested we animate on one machine, both me and Harriet, I dismissed this straight away. I would composite the whole peice together on my machine and we would both animate seperate scenes on either computer. This was how I had initially wanted to work anyway.

As the day went through I animated 6 Scenes and Harriet animated 3 of the longer scenes. We worked very well together and many Hi-5's were exchanged. Sarah, Simon and Emma had to change some of the Character possitions and scan them and re-paint them, this didn't take too long and we were well underway.

We hit one snag with Audio not working in After Effects, fixed by the wonderful, yet elusive Richard Hammond, we rendered off a final and handed it in to Andy before anyone else. (Well before the final we rendered a few more and handed those in, but it was still way before anyone else had handed in on the pen drive)


I think my group worked fantastically together, and I would work with any of them again, they were all fantastic artists and worked well under me, without any competition. I think myself, this project really helped me to understand what I was doing. I really want this now, to be a producer, it seems like my calling. And I'm really excited to get underway with more projects of this calibur. I really appreciated all the help from Derek as well. Without him, I'd have probably not been able to make the project what it was, And to be quiet honest. I was very proud of what we produced within' those long three days. I think it ended up looking more polished than anyone elses. Even though not exactly what an animatic should be. It worked, I was proud of what we achieved, and I think I've definately got a direction now.

Here is the Finished Article! Please do Enjoy!