Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's been far too long.

Well Woke up this morning and remembered this.

I feel really bad at the moment. I've been so busy with other bits and pieces, I've not put any time into my uni work, although the thoughts have been there. Like with Cherie's work. I feel so bad, I've literally not stopped doing Campus Tours, Ambassador and Mentor work for the University. And now I have my Job at WHSmiths, I just find myself having a hard enough time just trying to make enough money to stay alive as I do trying to get all the work done I have to do.

So I'll give it a shot to fill you in about over the holidays and what I'm up to now.

3rd Year Work

The third year work started out really well for me. I'd done all the modelling I was asked to do, and stayed over easter especially to do the work. I did the majority of things, asked too and a lot of it was new learning for me, and working in Cherie's environment was hard as referencing and files were quiet hard to get to even open with the correct things within them.

I feel kind of bad just because I haven't managed to get done all the things I said I would, in that case I'm a failure. And I feel terrible for not having it all done, but my skills. even when breaking what Cherie had done, or using the gravity and shatter effects in Maya,... It was all a mystery to me, I learnt so much about soft rigid bodies and active bodies and all sorts like this, in that sense it's really been a steep one for me.

I think the problems were that the group had no production meetings. Nor was everyone here all the time intended. Leadership and pushing of the group was somewhat lacking and I feel that had we all sat down together at points, the problems I'd had could have been solved between us. I feel if I'd have EVEN had a job animating on this project I could have done all that was asked of me, instead. I had a job that challenged me to a point of total disinterest and a lack of ability to save it with the time I had. Again I'm ever so sorry to Cherie for all of this. I missed the one production meeting when we got back due to having campus tours and mentor interviews.

Negotiated Breif

for the negotiated brief I plan to write a script for my final year project. This is also going to be used for my pitch project.

My script is going to be based on some music and some videos I found on Racoons. I've seriously had ideas rattling around my head for a couple of months now and this will be really nice to get done, and quiet the contrast to what a lot of people are planning on doing for their final year project. I know for a fact that I can do as good a job as anyone else in creating something for the final year, but I think I'm the only person willing to go ahead and ask for help. A lot of people say they either don't want to work in groups, or flat out would HATE someone working on their final year project. To me, this somewhat kills the idea of what Animation is. I don't mind if no-one joins on my idea for my animation. Even if I think it's good doesn't mean everyone else has to think it is... I have a modeller lined up already for the characters and for environments and character turn arounds I have two 2D artists. So far my crew list for THIS YEAR goes like this. (Of course I will stay on within the crew for the full development and hopefully so will Matt.)

Tom Dowler - Producer/Director/Sound/Writer/Post-Production/Animation.
Matt Luxton - Character/Prop Modeling
Emma Taylor (Prov) - Environment Design
Gareth Sharples - Character Design and Turnarounds

I'd like to get as many people involved as I can. So If anyone likes my idea at pitch or at any stage and has read this, please get in touch. I'd really appreciate more animators and creatives to just give this a boost and help me in the final year.

So more than anything, My pitch project is to enable me to recruit more members of animation who would maybe like to work as a team.