Saturday, 9 October 2010

Boys of Summer

It's been far too long. The majority of my mind has been spewed over on my Tumblr as of late @ But here's an update on how things have gone.

Over Summer I spent a lot of time working, mainly to keep myself alive, due to not getting the research job with the writing company in Penzance. I was working at WHSmiths over the first half of the holiday, and working hard. I actually mean it. I was pretty damn proud of myself. When I finally got away from that I visited home for 2 weeks. Unfortunately not seeing as much of my parents and family as I could have done. Then returning back to Falmouth for the remainder. I spent a lot of time researching where I wanted to go, figuring out my options. I am very much so a person who has to know "What's Next" I don't just live for the now. I live for my future. So I began researching a lot. Picking up Edge Magazine more often than not, and e-mailing recruitment companies. all of who gave negativity on the games industry in the way of students and even producers.

Later on in the holiday I decided I would like to get to know 2D animation software a bit better just incase I ended up producing an animation for the third year that may have to be developed in this way.

I began using sprites to create a small animation for pitching at Jimmy's shop Loading in Falmouth town, and intend to do some work for him in the near future. but here's a quick demo of what kind of thing I was messing around with. along with this I also looking into action scripting a small platform game and checked out using software such as game maker for the same purpose to make an interactive website for professional practice.

I found the hardest thing is rendering out nicely, as you can see, remnants appear in the work, which aren't exactly critical to the piece

Final Year Project
Ok so. The Final year project took a bit of a twist the week before we returned to university. It was decided the initial plan was no longer to be continued with, between Emma, Simon and Matt. Thus I joined the creation of a new Idea.

This new idea was for a pretty Generic chase sequence, a tried and tested story of sorts, set in an odd steam punk like world. I have currently helped further the story and I'm currently writing the script. As I do this my team members are creating props and assets we know will be required for the piece. Simon & Roy have also been decided as internal directors for the piece. Mainly due to needing people to know the aesthetic and to actually give the idea some kind of individuality.

Tomorrow I intend to have the script finished and have a timetable drafted up for our production meeting monday morning at 9am.

(more to come tomorrow)

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