Friday, 4 June 2010

Andy Wyatt. I Love you!

But no.... Seriously.

So I'm feeling great today, everyone in Animation did a great pitch. Even If I believe a few of us were pitching to the wrong people for our ideas. I believe my group came of strong and knowledgeable about our subject. Well done chaps! Although I have seen areas I would like to further and hopefully get myself sorted for next year. But the two who we pitched to seemed like nice people and obviously had their own areas of expertise.

It's made me feel so very good about starting my own company after/during my last year of University and basing it down here, but that's a different story.

I also today received the offer of an interview to work as a researcher over the summer full time for 12 weeks. With french VFX researchers, working for South West Screen. The post looks awesome and hopefully with the right intent I can go for it and begin my rein over the world. Nah I joke. But this is something If I get it I can pull my weight and have some amazing contacts and a way out into the world after University. I am Very Very excited, this is all thanks to both my ambassador jobs and to Andy for passing my details to Pippa who is running the show. I am Stoked.

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