Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Artsy Stuff + Twitter

So I recently thanks to Roy, Matt and Simon, Joined Twitter. Which is becoming a bit of an addiction, checking who's checking you out, and following people like Tom Delonge and Adam Lazzara, When I write E-mails now I feel compelled to put an @ sign infront of their name and it'll automatically link their blogs. Strange,... but Follow me at the link above!

Also above is a change to my Sprite Character I did as a quickly to put on my Twitter's background. Fun times. I thought I would try and keep with my Games Design approach to things.

I still hope to go into the Games Industry as my first plan of attack! Even starting to look at jobs as a Games Designer, thus I have started writing again and getting back into the swing of creativity. Even thinking I would have liked to have spent the third year developing an Indie Title. But I am pleased with what I have achieved thus far and intend to continue with my development as a producer and in my spare time work towards my Artsy side.


We're still working away in the studio, at least, Me, Roy, Simon and Matt are, Matt B. has also posted up more on his Rig, which is looking really good. Scott has also posted more on his rigging process and is keeping in touch with us when he can.

Environments are coming along, but we may have to drop the level of detail down a bit in order to accommodate for time. We will See.

We must say sorry to Steph Haymes, who is sharing the studio with us at the moment, as we are a slightly crazy bunch, and the holiday is much needed to try and regain some sanity. But please check her blog out at the link above, she keeps it regularly updated, and is working like a pack horse. Every time I look over there's another few frames of animation done, and it's really inspiring to see her work away. Massive Kudo's to her.

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