Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tell me I'm not getting better at this...

Ok, So Here are some of the bits and pieces I've been doing for Cathy's sketch book, very rough stuff. But I like it. Check it!

Basic Lip Movement.

This is my work for today along with a few drawings I'm yet to upload. Just the basic mouth movements for my Lip sync, more work to be done on the last few shots.

Monday, 23 November 2009

11 Second Club _ November Update

Here's a quickie with a bit of lighting and eye action. More to come!

I took a lot of animation that was over used from my first attempt. Added the eye blinks today, and unseen, gave a quick start to the Lip Sync. Which is proving a slight annoyance. I think it looks ok right here. I'm pretty happy, although it does have a kind of stop motion esque feel to it. Which to be honest,... I'm getting used too.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A New Start.

So I start again, this is a new, more organized blog that I promise to keep updated. 

Ok So..... where to start. Big turning point happened recently for me, and I finally figured where I fit in. I have a lot of work to do and to catch myself up on. But my personal life is now sorted. So now down to the important stuff. What have I been doing?

Motion Studies:- Conversations.

Ok So I'm not great with my drawing aspects. But I recently got my hands on a nifty little Wacom Tablet as an early christmas present from my parents. To say the least, It has helped a lot. Cathy's project is due in on Friday of this coming week. And for once I may have some things I'm proud to hand in. Here are a few of my Drawings/Sketches for all to gaze upon and admire. 
This one is a very early one, as you can tell. Getting used to my tablet. I thought the despair on the woman on the lefts face was evident. Thus the other male seems uncaring of what he has just said to the woman.
This one is my personal favourite, inspired by Stephen King's "The Gunslinger" I drew this to represent the lies that Roland told Jake, a Child he was meant to protect. This is how a lie looks to me.
This one is just of someone looking tentatively down, Not yet finished. Almost as if a mother were to peer over a cot where a child may lie. 
As it stands, I can now quiet enjoy what I'm doing for Cathy's sketch book and she seems to be accepting of how I'm working. I'm very happy and proud of myself for trying my hardest on this one, even though it's an area I struggle with.

11 Second Club - The Most Annoying Sound in the World.

Ok so, I had to go away for a week to get my head straight, and Missed a bit of time i could have been working on this. But since Arriving back have put my heart and soul into it. I've been in the studio every day this week trying to get this down. And have been proud with my results. 
My Idea, helpfully provided by Georg was to do a 'Blair Witch' style upward camera shot and my character panicing frantically about his whipped cream. This Idea has changed slightly.
Now I find myself wanting my character crouched benieth a table. Holding and touch and speaking to us about what he's done, Then I will cut away to a shot of the table with his silhouette benieth, (Behind a table cloth) with the cans of cream sprawled across the tabletop. This is an aim to get done next week along with the Lip Sync. 

Using the fantastic G_male rig and Georg's GUI has been a real test of my animation skills, it's a really nice rig, and has made me learn a lot more about both animating, rigging and Kinetics of the joints within' future rigs and what I like to use as an animator.

Anyway, Here to whet your whistles is a quick play blast. More to come in the days onward!

Experimental Animation

Admittedly me and Jake have pushed this project behind slightly due to placing more importance on the 11 second club, but we did get together some Masked made very skillfully (if I do say so myself) out of Paper Mache, (talk about play group antics) Our aim was to make a nightmare sequence. This is becoming realised in our own minds due to closing down of deadlines. But also, we've had lots of great ideas. So more to come on that front yet. I will keep you updated on our situation in the next couple of days.