Monday, 15 November 2010

Week 7 of 31

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"The Last Trophy" Aka BAP! (to me at least) is well under way, Just had our tutorial with Andy & Georg, Georg has requested that we have finished shots before Christmas and with this challenge presented, I really want to have it done. Also to get our Aesthetic down. As a Producer for this group I think I'm doing really well, although after a conversation with Matt Luxton + Simon Acty last night, I'm going to have to switch off being a friend in the studio, I have to treat it completely professionally even if members of teams are not going to. I know I don't have the power to fire anyone, but I want to take this as far as I can, As I have already began sending my CV/Resume off for jobs. I feel it's worth treating my peers as professionals, and hopefully they will do the same in return. I'm really looking forward to putting the credits on this project and seeing what I've pulled together, even now I'm impressed with how much I've done, but I can't lose the fire now, Just got to keep pushing on. 2 more weeks of Character Modeling, May cut that down to make way for environment modeling, I believe Matt & Matt. B can get the work done in time.

Working on Alex Joliffe's project should start today, at 2.00pm I am to attend a production meeting with him, Andy and Georg, This unfortunately has felt like less of an importance to me as I have been trying to put together the large monstrous Bap group. But now with a Strong team working on that one, Alex needs to start playing his way. I know he likes to work from home, but as a producer, I'm can't sit in his room and tell him how to work. We did arrange to meet every two days to discuss what he had been doing, but that didn't go ahead, and in his defence I didn't really push too hard in those first 5 weeks. Last week he took time out after the pitch by his own means, which to me is fair enough, my time table for Alex is now out of the window and hasn't really worked out. If Bap is hard because it's such a big group, then Alex's is just the opposite, because he is alone in his work so far, it's hard to produce just one person. Especially someone who prefers to work from home, I think I need to find a mid ground with Alex on production meetings & allowing Alex to work at home, but when he has a team he needs to come in and give his team work as a Director. Hopefully today we will come to a good arrangement.

Professional Practice.

I have began looking into Business Cards & Bits and pieces like that as myself, Ollie Skillman-Wilson and Hughey Hubert are considering going to GDC in February out in San Francisco. GDC is the games developers conference and if we get the chance to work out there then we get free access to the whole event. We're looking into what funding might be available at the moment and seeing if we can get any help from the careers office to help us go and put our names out there.

It's pretty exciting and the idea of being in the industry in about 6 months makes my stomach turn, here's hoping at least!

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