Wednesday, 15 December 2010


After Joining Twitter, whereas Matt, Simon & Jake went off to find inspirational Artists, I being my smart and always thinking about my prospective future self, Came across a Man, who more inspirational than any artist, has proven that no matter who you are, you can make a difference. Even if it is in Lidl.

Here's to you Average Batman! I hope you Enjoy My Pixel art dedicated to making sure people know who will help them, and who will at least try up until the point it involves any effort.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Artsy Stuff + Twitter

So I recently thanks to Roy, Matt and Simon, Joined Twitter. Which is becoming a bit of an addiction, checking who's checking you out, and following people like Tom Delonge and Adam Lazzara, When I write E-mails now I feel compelled to put an @ sign infront of their name and it'll automatically link their blogs. Strange,... but Follow me at the link above!

Also above is a change to my Sprite Character I did as a quickly to put on my Twitter's background. Fun times. I thought I would try and keep with my Games Design approach to things.

I still hope to go into the Games Industry as my first plan of attack! Even starting to look at jobs as a Games Designer, thus I have started writing again and getting back into the swing of creativity. Even thinking I would have liked to have spent the third year developing an Indie Title. But I am pleased with what I have achieved thus far and intend to continue with my development as a producer and in my spare time work towards my Artsy side.


We're still working away in the studio, at least, Me, Roy, Simon and Matt are, Matt B. has also posted up more on his Rig, which is looking really good. Scott has also posted more on his rigging process and is keeping in touch with us when he can.

Environments are coming along, but we may have to drop the level of detail down a bit in order to accommodate for time. We will See.

We must say sorry to Steph Haymes, who is sharing the studio with us at the moment, as we are a slightly crazy bunch, and the holiday is much needed to try and regain some sanity. But please check her blog out at the link above, she keeps it regularly updated, and is working like a pack horse. Every time I look over there's another few frames of animation done, and it's really inspiring to see her work away. Massive Kudo's to her.

Friday, 10 December 2010

What Have I Achieved...

So, as it stands, I for myself as this term at University comes to a close would like to just go over what I've accomplished within these 2 and a bit months both work wise for University, and professionally.
  • I have Written and Re-Written the script 4 to 5 times, after criticism from Derek Hayes, and the team. Cutting down a 9 page Epic to 3 or 4 pages
  • I have lead the team, Scheduled, contacted and kept on top of everything going on within' the Team, allowing for Illness, Holidays and we are still on schedule.
  • Handled problems within' the team, between members including myself.
  • Compiled Design bibles for both occasions.
  • Pitched the Project on behalf of the team
  • Worked as part of the creative force behind the idea along with what I would call a team of writers, heading it up as the lead writer who physically scripted (Thus the project is in no way just my idea)
  • Furthered accessibility to the project by keeping the team's Blog.
  • I have brought together Other members for the team from a cross course range.
  • Promoted the project and myself to Companies like The Peoples Republic of Animation
  • Made attempts to contact professional's in the Games Industry in an attempt to set up my Mentor Scheme.
  • Become Thicker Skinned
  • Learnt more about professionally developing my blog & internet presence.
  • Found new and different Art styles that I enjoy working in.
  • Set myself up for professional development modules next year.
I would go into what I have done on other projects so far, but as of the moment, I have more so worked as a contact point between technology and art for the Musician, and as part of the Brainstorming team for Barista.

I have plenty of things I wish to achieve next year, but for now. I'm proud of what I have achieved this year, and by far am proud of all the people I've had the chance to work with thus far. Especially the Bap team, who without, I think I wouldn't have had the chance to develop in a sense of professionalism that leads to a more mainstream industry, one that I feel I would more likely flourish in.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Liquid Animation

Thanks to Katharine Nicholls, I have now been introduced to Liquid Animation, these guys are, AMAZING, I love their VFX work, they've worked on the video for "If you keep losing sleep" By my favorite band in the world Silverchair. They also have some absolutely fantastic animation and are seemingly contracted by Disney. I am hoping that I will be able to have some contact with the guys there due to Kathy's contacts with them.

They're based in Brisbane in Australia, which is again another possibility for me. I'm really looking forward to getting out of the UK and working elsewhere for a while, getting to know a new culture, be it anywhere in the world. But with my Best friend out in Adelaide in Australia, it seems like a good place to Start.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Just a quick post to say, if you're interested in Game Development at all, or going into it as a Career, check out Edge Magazine, especially this month's. This month's Issue not only covers some things that I'm very excited about, MMO releases from Blizzard and ArenaNET, a look at Dragon Age 2, and talking to one of my favourite producers in the world of Gaming, J Allen Brack Senior Producer at Blizzard.

Also, I'd suggest getting it for the insight into the industry it gives, and the Job opportunities that arise from it.


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Exciting Stuff.

Now as many or few of you may know. I am a MASSIVE fan of the work done by The PRA. Which is "The Peoples Republic of Animation" who are based out in Adelaide where my best friend moved to 4 years ago.

So this morning as I was talking to Kathy about working out in Australia and finding myself an Animation or Games Design Mentor that I would really like. I thought, why on earth not. Why not try and contact them and see what Information I could get. As the evening has set in,... or should I say night, as it is half past 11 now. But I received an e-mail on my phone. Looked at it and quickly took to my computer to read it in a full view. I don't think I still believe my luck.

Sam White, The Managing Director of the PRA responded personally to my E-mail. Saying that as it was a unique request and that he would pass on the e-mail to his producers to see if they would be willing to help. Even if they cannot with their busy schedules, I feel really privileged to have received such a nice E-mail from someone who's running a Company that I really have the time of day for. In fact... More so, I really really respect and admire. I also now have the names of the two producers who work within the PRA who hopefully even if nothing comes of the E-mail I will be able to find some information on their specific works and gain an insight into the work that they have done. I really look forward to maybe hearing from either Renee Boucher or Hugh Nguyen in the near future, and if not hearing from them, at least following their works with now names to give to the animation I watch.

Again if you follow the Link provided above, you can have a look and see what I mean about this studio. Give them a visit and you may see some cool animation you didn't know which studio to give credit for!


For Kat

Kat asked me to post an update on my little sprites the other day when I'd done an update and I didn't get round to it in the afternoon, so here's the line up so far.

Check Kat out at the Link provided above. I love her art work and she's great to work with, really seems to be pushing herself this year, and I'm really looking forward to working with her, she's going to be working with me a while on Sarah's Project, doing storyboard touch ups, but in the mean time, pop over to her blog and give her some love.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Class Photo

I know I'm normally updating this with no pictures, and normally my blog seems quiet bland and boring, but today I enlighten you with a little project I'm doing. I aim to pull together an Animation class 2011 photo in Pixel form, and hopefully portray some of the Personalities that I've encountered over the past three years in a bit of a homage! These are what I have so far. From Left to Right..... Infact,.... I'll just let you guess.

On another note..

Trying my hardest to get in contact with Industry folk to give me a chance to prove my Metal. I'd really like to be able to go back to Leicestershire this Christmas and maybe get in contact with the guys at RARE, a games company from near my home who produced classics such as Golden Eye, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo Kazooie. I can hope for the best, Also looking into Codemasters in Warwickshire!