Thursday, 21 October 2010

Production Reports for Week 1 & 2

Week one

As I have scheduled,. Week one as I am calling it was not week one, we had begun concepts and other bits and pieces before returning to uni, but to continue with our plan and what Andy and Georg had set out guidelines wise. I chose to start our scheduling from that point forward, so within' week one we began to finalize ideas, run them past Derek, Andy and Georg, gaining ideas for the technical aids we would need. I also began to write up the script as drawn concepts went about being drafted up. Our team at this point consisted of

Myself – Producer, Writer, Editor, Direction

Matthew Luxton – Modelling, Lighting

Matthew Butler – Modelling, Rigging

Emma Taylor – Concept art

Simon Acty – Concept Art, Storyboarding, Modelling, Direction

Roy Nottage – Concept Art, Animation, Art Direction

I also drew up gannt charts that week and began sheduling modelling the characters in a bit more detail.

Week two

Week two I began chasing up music and our modelling was well under way in the props department with Matt & Matt, the two of them have implimented a system suggested by Georg, to model, unwrap, model, unwrap, instead of saving all the unwrapping to the last minute, Simon continued to storyboard, Emma with concepts and Roy working alongside the modellers at this point doing technical drawings for them to work from. We also expanded our team with Animators, a Rigger, a compositor and another modeller/maya buff.

Oddne Madsen – Animation

Holly Bird – Animation

Peter Stache – Compositing/VFX

Scott & Ollie from Second Year – Maya Buffs/Riggers.

The team seems to be becoming a monster, one that I have to tame, but with some of the best people I could have wished to recruit, I'm proud of how our organisation and dedication seems to have brought these people into our wings.

So far we haven't really come across many problems and there's a lot of initial learning going on for all our members.

Being in the studio from 9 – 5 each day is also helping out a lot, as we are in constant contact with Derek, Kathy, Georg & Andy, who have all helped in their own way with our project, thus the writing has furthered, and the project has come into it's own. It's been really good to get the feedback and at this moment in time refine the story, shots and general theme of the film and pitch.

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