Monday, 22 February 2010

Upping my Internet Presence!

I've recently gone about giving myself a bigger presence on the internet. You can now also find me at:


Top two are probably of relevance, bottom one is for any questions you wish answered by yours truely. I try to check all of my internet resources as often as possible. Admittedly my Tumblr will be becoming vastly used as it's just such a quick way to blog. 

Also in other news.

Today is a production meeting, I'm going to try and get as much as possible from my groups to show you on my blog and to tell you all where they're at and set new deadlines for them as the end of this project is fast approaching with more being thrown our way each day.

Dissertation is a bit of a killer due to not knowing exactly what I want to do yet and I wanted to focus a lot of attention on that aspect of the course, just to up my knowledge in this area. I'm having a few dry weeks at the moment. Hoping I can whet my appetite a bit more after today!

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