Sunday, 28 February 2010

Back on Track

After a chat with Derrick and a good long think, I'm back on track, I've e-mailed and spoken to all the teams I was producing and gotten back on with them all, this monday I've arranged production meetings and to see what they're all doing, and will join in and help them all out with whatever they need, I already have helped with the Tracking on Simon and Matt's peice.

I think my lack of confidence in myself as a producer due to one or two elements was a bit stupid now. I really want to do this, so why should I let anyone destroy my chances. I am going to get these projects finished, I'm determined, EVEN If I end up with 3 lots of work to help my groups accomplish what they want.

Roll on Monday. Tomorrow I'll find out where everyones at and set realistic deadlines around what we have to do!


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