Thursday, 2 December 2010

Exciting Stuff.

Now as many or few of you may know. I am a MASSIVE fan of the work done by The PRA. Which is "The Peoples Republic of Animation" who are based out in Adelaide where my best friend moved to 4 years ago.

So this morning as I was talking to Kathy about working out in Australia and finding myself an Animation or Games Design Mentor that I would really like. I thought, why on earth not. Why not try and contact them and see what Information I could get. As the evening has set in,... or should I say night, as it is half past 11 now. But I received an e-mail on my phone. Looked at it and quickly took to my computer to read it in a full view. I don't think I still believe my luck.

Sam White, The Managing Director of the PRA responded personally to my E-mail. Saying that as it was a unique request and that he would pass on the e-mail to his producers to see if they would be willing to help. Even if they cannot with their busy schedules, I feel really privileged to have received such a nice E-mail from someone who's running a Company that I really have the time of day for. In fact... More so, I really really respect and admire. I also now have the names of the two producers who work within the PRA who hopefully even if nothing comes of the E-mail I will be able to find some information on their specific works and gain an insight into the work that they have done. I really look forward to maybe hearing from either Renee Boucher or Hugh Nguyen in the near future, and if not hearing from them, at least following their works with now names to give to the animation I watch.

Again if you follow the Link provided above, you can have a look and see what I mean about this studio. Give them a visit and you may see some cool animation you didn't know which studio to give credit for!


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