Friday, 10 December 2010

What Have I Achieved...

So, as it stands, I for myself as this term at University comes to a close would like to just go over what I've accomplished within these 2 and a bit months both work wise for University, and professionally.
  • I have Written and Re-Written the script 4 to 5 times, after criticism from Derek Hayes, and the team. Cutting down a 9 page Epic to 3 or 4 pages
  • I have lead the team, Scheduled, contacted and kept on top of everything going on within' the Team, allowing for Illness, Holidays and we are still on schedule.
  • Handled problems within' the team, between members including myself.
  • Compiled Design bibles for both occasions.
  • Pitched the Project on behalf of the team
  • Worked as part of the creative force behind the idea along with what I would call a team of writers, heading it up as the lead writer who physically scripted (Thus the project is in no way just my idea)
  • Furthered accessibility to the project by keeping the team's Blog.
  • I have brought together Other members for the team from a cross course range.
  • Promoted the project and myself to Companies like The Peoples Republic of Animation
  • Made attempts to contact professional's in the Games Industry in an attempt to set up my Mentor Scheme.
  • Become Thicker Skinned
  • Learnt more about professionally developing my blog & internet presence.
  • Found new and different Art styles that I enjoy working in.
  • Set myself up for professional development modules next year.
I would go into what I have done on other projects so far, but as of the moment, I have more so worked as a contact point between technology and art for the Musician, and as part of the Brainstorming team for Barista.

I have plenty of things I wish to achieve next year, but for now. I'm proud of what I have achieved this year, and by far am proud of all the people I've had the chance to work with thus far. Especially the Bap team, who without, I think I wouldn't have had the chance to develop in a sense of professionalism that leads to a more mainstream industry, one that I feel I would more likely flourish in.

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