Saturday, 27 November 2010

2 Weeks Until Rendered Environment...

And I'm pretty confident for The LT Team.

The Last Trophy on Friday came into their last day of Character Modelling and thus starts the Texturing and Modelling of Environments yet again. Also tweaking of the Block through to continue and to hopefully be some what 'Finalized' by the 10th. (As we know tweaking will go on throughout, BUT we hope to get this out of the way by the 10th) Also Rigging is to start and to at least have a Basic Rig for our Human Characters and of course Bap.

The one thing I am concerned about is the Dissertation and the Rigging/Animating going through Christmas, I think this is somewhere I am going to end up losing time and end up using the Contingency time I set in place. I wish to a point that I had gotten the rigging and character modelling out of the way earlier, but these things couldn't have gone any quicker and I'm pleased with the results the team has achieved.

Here's a List Collated by Roy on what we all have to get done by the End of this University Term, we will of course continue to work into the Christmas break and New year, but this is our little deadline for ourselves.



Collate final work for design bible.

Talk to Rich about Music.



Colour storyboard.


Roy, Emma & Oddne

Finish refined block through.


Matt L & Simon

Final render of blimp interior.


Matt B

Skeleton, Orient joints and IK Spline (including tail) for Bap.


Each person has decided for themselves what they believe is achievable in that time, thus we all agree to get these things done. I am going to start doing Dailies again by request from a few members of the team. Which I'm really happy about to be honest, before I just felt I was wasting my time at points with attitudes from different ends of the spectrum.

In Other News....

Sarah's Team are now underway with testing the Eye movement, after a long chat with Sarah (and the refusal of a fiver on the 41 from town) we have both managed to come to terms with the fact that 1. She's going to have to make compromise on certain things, and trust her team members with her baby. and 2. I'm going to have to learn new ways to approach members of teams differently. Should be good fun none the less.

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