Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Musician

Yesterday, I had a somewhat 'eventful' Day, and as a result, I've began producing Sarah Crombie's Stop Motion group.

Consisting of:

I'm glad I'm getting the chance to work with Sarah again, as she's a member of the Animation group I really admire, Her art and Dedication to the Idea. She's got a brilliant eye, and I love the darker side to her story. Orla & Jess are both people I haven't had the chance to work with but really look forward to it as they are both talented in their own respective fields. I hope that by setting small deadlines and getting things on the production line that Sarah can finally reap the rewards she deserves seeing all the hard work that herself and her group have put in come to fruition. Currently the group are working on getting test animation and shots done, getting the script and thumbnails finished this week and then next week Sarah and Orla are going to start on their Character Designs and Environments, focussing mainly on Environments to help Kat to finish of their storyboard.

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