Monday, 24 May 2010

Big Update

Ok so recently. I got my self into gear. I should have some stuff to upload later.


seeing as I'm working on my Script at the moment, I can't really upload the full thing can I? Or Can I? If anyone is interested in reading through the first draft of my Script for "Bandits" then please give me a shout @

So things are going well with the script. I've done a few bits and bobs drawing wise also. And found a few more things just recently I wanted to further, remembering I had a stash of stories that I'd never saved or used. Which I plan to further and develop maybe to pitch as work for next year. Maybe just to do as a Web Comic, or maybe just to keep my hand in the creative side of production.

Boom! ok!

Pitch project! Going ok! We had a massive turn around of idea, which now everyone seems pretty stoked to be a part of! We're going to be making a Team Fortress-esque/Street Fighter-ish, game (well not making it, but pitching it). We plan for it to be a bit of an adult aimed game maybe for plus 15's but with 5 people working on the project I have found myself taking the lead role again, which is good, because now I feel I don't have to back down no matter what these people say,. These guys have chosen to work with me, and they're all awesome in their own specific way. And to see that they acknowledge my skill aswell makes me feel so much better about myself. So I'm just gonna do my best to get them through and to have them do the best they can. I'm really happy with this, and am holding weekly meets as well as personal meets with each of my work mates. It's a really nice and personal way to make sure stuff is going ok. Now I want to make sure everyone knows what's going on in their own department and have something to talk about.

At the moment.

Character Designs - Simon Acty & Myself
Character Stories - Emma Taylor & Myself
Environments - Matt Butler
Weaponry - Matt Luxton
Interface and Playability - Me and the Teams input

I think this will work well. I just need to get everyone together to sort the pitch into something nice and flowy! And I have an awesome idea for a gimmick that'll make it rememberable. Keep your minds open! haha.

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