Sunday, 21 November 2010

Producing - The Ins and out of a Social art

So as I plan to jump into my Dissertation books once again, I just wanted to post up a few bits and pieces about what I've been doing, the things I've learnt so far through my development in the third year, and what I believe it takes to be a professional in my chosen area with the experience I have had with being 3 weeks away from the end of our first term.

Producing is not something to be over looked, not at all. I know that the organisation the Bap group has had and the reason we're so far ahead is due to not only a great and hard working team, but due to the leadership and organisation behind it. My team haven't had to go anything alone, I've handled all the social situations, getting Foley Artists & Musicians on board, Scripting, Making sure the factory line works and approaching people when it isn't. Working GANTT charts, ensuring lists and things are done, making sure communication is had between the director and everyone involved, inclusive of people he is less familliar with outside of the course. Also helping my team to network and meet the people I've had the chance to get in contact with. I've put time and my own money into this, be it a little of my own money. I took an objective view on the whole project, taking myself out of the arts side of it (apart from writing, but that was scrutinized by the team that had come up with the idea, and I play a minor part in the ideas process only throwing my ideas in when completely necessary Ok,.... whenever Simon goes flying overboard!) We're currently looking into trying to get some rigging software to speed up that process. I have a meeting with Sophie (Our Foley Artist) tomorrow, and obviously my Dissertation meeting with Ann, in a few weeks time I intend to start communication with the Eden project in an attempt to get a bit of endorsement and help with work on our sound.

As a Producer I believe it is good practice also to know your Team, know the process and know what you are capable of in the time you have. I'm still backing my teams progress and believe we will have a fantastic piece by the end of it. Be it with Generic storyline or not. I think even if you're not a producer and you are leading your team, and again, trying to get something done to a good degree of detail. Know your process. Or atleast ask someone who knows more than you, That's what I did when sorting out our year plan, I asked my Modellers how long they believed it would take, then I gave extra time for things that I myself may have forgotten, IE. UV Unwapping within the modelling, giving time for rigging, lighting, there are a lot of things to consider. Being less Familiar with the 2D process, I also paid a lot of attention to the timings that Alex Joliffe believed he would need on his, then also knowing Alex himself, I could work his timetable and give contingency where I thought it would be needed.

I'm also looking forward to having a bit of Friendly Competition now that Jessica Hudson and Orla McElroy are taking on Roles of Producers on certain projects. Also I would love to see Laurence Nairne get onto a project or two producing, as I believe he has an amazing amount of potential as a producer. I'm hoping with them taking up these roles it will make me see where I have missed out bits and pieces. And help me to further my development as a producer.

Professional Development.
I'm really Looking forward to this part of the course, as I have already started applying for Jobs and failing, (which sounds bad, but I'm happy cause I already have my Job seeking hat on, and I'm confident I can do the jobs that I set about to do) Especially after having spoken to Georg in depth about what I'd like to get out of it. I requested a Games Specific Producer, so hopefully there may be contacts to tap there to help me out into my future career, I've also started looking into getting my business cards produced. But first I need a working design.

Just to Add!

Been really Impressed with Roy Nottage recently, as he has been working on the Block through for our group, he's really taking hold of it, and I think he'd make an awesome Animation Director. I really like Roy's attitude and work Ethic. I think we're all seeing it, especially Matt Luxton who also commented on the same thing.

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