Friday, 11 February 2011

Easy Now!

Dissertation, Dissertation, Dissertation...... What's going on there?

Although nearly finished on most of our behalves within' our Team. It's been a drag, destroyed scheduling and timetables and most of all..... been horrific!

I mean I enjoy writing.... fictitious stuff....

It has put a bit of a halt on everything for the final project, but seeing that counter on moodle slip into the double numbers is pretty scary, we have about 14 and a half weeks left to get this done, and to be honest, that's less time than we need to fully render.... Saying that. I'm still really optimistic. As we go on, the guys are all getting better and better and everyone's thinking for the good of the project, it will be great to just get back into it and continue to steam ahead.


So Me, Roy, Simon and Oddne took to the university in search of rooms recently to act out the first scene of the animatic. We intend to act out more as we go along, but as for now a day of acting, this was all we could fit in. I compiled it into a short edit for Oddne and Roy to use, our intention was to have all the animators acting, so they could get used to the mannerisms of the film and also to cut back Simon's work when it came to the animating, that he would only have to explain things once or twice and not a thousand times over so he can concentrate on texturing, which is a mammoth job in it's own right! I need to get in contact with Sophie and Rich and get an idea for what they're up to on the sound side of things.

That is my next job..... starting.... now.