Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Last Trophy - Quick Update.

So I've been collating together all the animation and work that's gone ahead so far, and been throwing it into the offline edit. AKA. The Block Through. (haw haw) The results are as above.

All the guys in the group are powering on, and it feels really good again to have all this work coming together, I'm currently waiting on Olly to send me scenes with Passes and Layers added in so I can start getting my render on. Animation is looking fantastic which we have Emma, Roy & Oddne to thank for that, through all the hard times and technical difficulties, we're all still here powering on through the Easter break in our own little corner of the room. (That's right, I said it. OUR OWN! haha nah I kid.) Matt. B, Matt. L and Simon have been texturing and conquering all the technical difficulties, and plastering the scenes with textures at the same time. Pete's Scripting has been a god send in sorting out our file management, and he's also been hitting up our effects with his genius. Olly Kingston-Winston has been in constant contact with me, A Master of Fire and Brimstone, he has brought the magic of light to our worlds, and for this we thank him, also being a great base for creating presets and shaders, it's safe to say that without his dedication and pure "Lightness", The Last Trophy would in no way look as good as it does, and without the pretties, we'd all be less stoked to get this finished. So Massive Kudos to him.

This is kind of an update for everyone really as I've just done on the groups blog as a lot of the guys have been so busy night and day, that blogging has just seemed a million miles away, which is where I come in, as my Mentor, (Hopefully) is none other than The Creative Assembly's Mark O'Connell. A PR and Marketing Manager who has recently just put out the fantastic Total War: Shogun II. (I'm sorry for being premature on that, it may not even happen yet) But I'm massively stoked for this, and from what I've seen, he seems like a really awesome guy, get across to his website at the link above and check out his achievements.

Anyway, to conclude, everyone's pushing it, the studio smells of sweat and fear, and that's just me!

Take Care Guys.


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