Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm not an artist (?)

I thought I'd just do a quick blog update on some external commercial work I've been doing and working on. So this is a pretty Mahoosive Dump of work from the past month, alongside sorting out the Scheduling for 'The Last Trophy', Updating the Modeling Process and laying down some beefy deadlines, keeping 'Bap Rambling' Updated, and caring for my general mental welfare, which at times seems the hardest task of them all.After Jimmy @ Loading Cafe/Bar asked me to do some promo work for his Portable stand at Falmouth Vintage Flea Market, something inspired by Bioshock or Fallout, I started to draft up some characters from those games as an inspiration, I decided that 'Big Daddy' was one of the more recognizable characters from the series, so I did this little bad boy. Admittedly It didn't go toward the poster, but I was pretty stoked by how it turned out, as I'm not particularly familiar with the character, and I hadn't done anything too 'Arty' Recently, but this was pretty cool. I'm happy with it.The Next two Images are Demo's I came up with the theme of Portable. I really like my Colourful First attempt Poster, but the final piece requested was something a bit more straight forward, and ended up being just the gameboy with the information on the screen, but this was a really cool exercise and it was really cool to give something back to Jimmy for all the Milkshakes he supplied me with.This was the final Poster/Flyer that Jimmy Settled on. All self contained within' my Game boy.
Makes me miss my Donkey Kong Special Edition Nintendo Game Boy of Old! My Parents bought me Rad presents on such a tight budget, I have no idea how they did it, but that thing was so good. Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Bomber Man, Legend of Zelda. Anyway,... here it is.
Finally, I won't upload all the reiterations of this image, but Rich Pearson asked that I work on his Campaign trail, running for Student President, which normally I would throw away if it was anyone else, But Rich has been a great friend to me, and we've done some awesome things together, had laughs and gotten lost when attending UCAS fairs, McDonalds breakfasts in Weston Super-Mare, This dude, is a complete Legend and has done so much for the student body already, being a leading Ambassador and Mentor along with myself, if anyone deserves Student Presidency Next year, it's Rich.

So Rich asked me to make a Character of him for his posters. Which in the styles I'm accustomed to, being more a Pixel Basher, I first approached it my regular way with little Chibi Characters, but it was hard to make it look as if it was going to go anywhere poster wise. So I stole a picture from his facebook and began going about making him look like a Pixel Jesus. Initially using block black outlines, but having looked into more pixel works, a lot of them don't use block black outlines, especially larger pieces, they use a darker tone of the pixel before it to separate out the areas. Which on this image, I believe works quiet well. But this is still a work in Progress, Still have quiet a bit to do, and changing the eyes around makes me giggle lots.

Along with the Images, I've been working on music with my Friend Tommy Davidson, we're pioneering a 'new wave ambient punk revolution', Sounds good,.... probably won't be.... haha. I think that about covers everything, lots of stuff going down with "The Last Trophy" At the moment, and some great work being produced. So I'll update you all on that one later.

Til Next time. Tx

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